The communication of the company's objective is a particularly important component of the company's assets. From classic advertising to web marketing, we take care to design a communication campaign to measure business, in order to disseminate the identity of your company and contribute to the creation of an impact image aimed at obtaining legitimacy and consensus everywhere. The communication is a factor of great strategic value for the achievement of specific goals.

We offer businesses a number of services aimed at meeting all the needs and the challenges of an increasingly globalized society design and development of events (conferences and press releases, cultural events, workshops, meetings):

  • Marketing consultancy and quantitative and qualitative market research through the use of technical-linguistic study of the sector;
  • Design, implementation and monitoring of communication strategies, creating processes for ongoing growth of the core business;
  • Press Office;
  • Events;
  • Press Office and Public Relations services;
  • progettazione e sviluppo di eventi (conferenze e comunicati stampa, manifestazioni culturali, workshop, meeting);
  • Study and implementation of marketing strategies through traditional media (print and television);
  • Institutional marketing strategies;
  • Development and implementation of marketing plans and digital communication;
  • Coordination Content/Images: company brochure, multimedia solutions browsable, brochures, web writing;
  • Contents creation emphasizing the values and services of the company's brand;

Strategic Business Consultancy
Information Technology

Legal/Administrative Assistance
Development Area
Burocracy Handling - Immigration Assistance

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