Strategic Business Consultancy

The outsourcing business is an essentially pragmatic process whose business is largely carried out in the destination territory of the new business. Said that, Pubblimpresa will anticipate and take the company to this process through the provision of a full business consultancy service; a strategic, managerial, organizational support which will allow us to properly operate in foreign markets.

List of Integrated Area Integrated Services and Company Strategic Consultancy

Pubblimpresa's Area A

  • Identification of new markets and/or investment;
  • Identification of investment opportunities abroad;
  • Research of parteners and / or entities with which to establish collaborative relationships;
  • Analysis of the market;
  • Feasibility studies;
  • General country outlook (examination of actual and potential competition and of the opportunities offered by the target market);
  • Localization of the product / service (target / price) and related opportunities;
  • Optimal localization and resolution of problems related to the logistics of the chosen business;
  • Support to the product's sales and distribution;
  • Localization of the product (logistics warehousing and distribution);
  • Language support/specialized translations;
  • Direct management of business units and subsidiaries abroad;
  • Outsourcing projects;
  • Business Due Diligence;
  • Financial, economic, patrimonial and corporate plans for restructuring;
  • Production relocation;
  • Development of agreements with partners on site;
  • Identification of individual paths and development of targeted strategies for each individual situation;
  • Assistance in the start-up abroad;
  • Domicile of your company at our foreign headquarters and qualified staff availabily;
  • Assistance in business management abroad;
  • Assistance in business management;
  • Financial assistance;

Strategic Business Consultancy
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