Pubblimpresa offers Italian SMEs who are preparing to operate in the market an extra-national training plan ad-hoc aimed at the acquisition of a new culture that will lead to the modernization of their business. To avoid making the classic mistakes of inexperience such as the hurry to enter the new market, the lack of an accurate study of the main actors (customers, suppliers and logistics operators), but especially the lack of foresight in understanding that not always being alone, even if strong and capable, is the best solution.

The training is designed as a direct and managerial training to entrepreneurs and managers, and as training of key personnel involved in the processes of internationalization (export managers, foreign correspondents, purchasing agents / sales, shipping, etc..).

Therefore we will focus on the development of the following skills:
  • Computer literacy;
  • Linguistic Literacy;
  • entrepreneurship;
  • teamwork, problem solving and conflict management;
Here are some of the training courses offered by Pubblimpresa:
  • Strategic Marketing (to choose the procurement and outlet markets in a targeted manner);
  • Customs and taxation fulfillments in the international trade;
  • E-skills: knowledge of all the digital tools and technologies that utilize the potential of the Web for communication, acquisition and management of information in short time;
  • International contracts;
  • Foreign language (country-specific targets);
  • Services for the internationalization;
  • ...
Basic and advanced vocational training courses such as:
  • Course for Pizzaiolo - 40 hours theoretical-practical course;
  • Course for the Master of Ice Cream - 20 hours theoretical-practical course;
  • Bartender Course - 40 hours theoretical-practical course;
  • ...

Strategic Business Consultancy
Information Technology

Legal/Administrative Assistance
Development Area
Burocracy Handling - Immigration Assistance

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