Legal/Administrative Assistance

The development of economic and trade relations with foreign countries, with particular attention to the world of SMEs, includes legal assistance in the events that will affect the operation of the company in a foreign country. After careful consideration and a drafting of an operational plan for the entry into the overseas market, with Pubblimpresa you can get help to contact the authorities and local enterprises, to participate in tenders and obtain tax incentives, public and/or private funding by local banking institutions intended for foreign investors. Assistance will also be offered for the establishment of a new company with its registered office on site, for the opening of foreign branches of the existing society, or for the transfer of the registered office. The Customer will be helped with the fulfillment of all the commercial practices, dealings with foreign bureaucracy, search of on-site professionals, in the contracts and in the step following the activity performance, including any debt collection activities.

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Legal/Administrative Assistance
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