Burocracy Handling - Immigration Assistance

Landmark and support for companies internationalization, Pubblimpresa has a desk service that offers practical support in terms of information, advice and document procedures. The service is designed to help foreigners to obtain the necessary documents for their legal stay in Italy and aims to facilitate the contractor in handling burocracy such as bureaucratic permits/residence permits, family reunification practices, etc..

The helpdesk is open to:

  • All foreigners (individuals and families);
  • Italian citizens;
  • Companies wishing to hire foreign employees;
  • Institutions and services;
  • Associations, voluntary and private social services.

Helpdesk activities:

  • Issuance and renewal of residence permits and travel documents;
  • Legal consultancy to family reunification, visas, residence permits, renewals, health care, residence and citizenship;
  • Counseling and career guidance, information about local services;
  • Translated information about the first aid services such as job, home, health, education and training;
  • Legal assistance;
  • Linguistic and cultural mediation;
  • Requests for certificates and document procedures - money-transfer;

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Burocracy Handling - Immigration Assistance

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