The current national economic situation requires the companies' need to assess the business opportunities offered by foreign markets. An important opportunity for growth that requires a strong commitment by internal resources in order to obtain a thorough understanding of new target markets.

Main Mission: to enable and extend the presence of small and medium enterprises with a multi-country immediate and accessible program and to improve their territorial and regional competitiveness.

At the core of every business relationship there is a network of relationships between subjects: the lack of attention to cultural differences can affect the successful outcome of negotiations. Similarly, the detailed knowledge of local regulations is a must.

The difficulty of drawing up such articulated plan can appear daunting. To avoid the risk of underestimating aspects of absolute importance, it is worth relying on Pubblimpresa's team of professionals and consultants.

In general, Pubblimpresa's program is divided into three parts:

Select a sector

Residential Construction - Hotels and Catering Construction - Infrastructure Construction - Production of building materials - furniture - Design - Eco-Environmental Production - Energy Saving - Plant - Drinking Water Purification - Home Automation - Robotics - Training and Staff Training - Research and Development - Mechanical Engineering - Smart Grid

At Pubblimpresa We set ourselves as the sole interlocutor of small and medium-sized companies, leader in different sectors of the industry as the construction of housing facilities, hotel, infrastructure. The style and Italian know-how that links together Italian and international companies joined by a concept of "STRATEGIC SUPPLY CHAIN": project development, staff training, production materials, production facilities, service sale, furnishings, research and development of advanced solutions.

What do we look for:
Building companies, enterprises producing building materials, real estate agencies, vocational training institutions, research organizations, hirers and dealers of vehicles for the construction industry, homeowners, furniture manufacturers, banks;

Greenhouse Intensive vegetable crops, medicinal herbs and spices, screws, new areas cultivar trials, processing of the product for food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, entertainment aims.

At Pubblimpresa we set ourselves as the sole interlocutor of small and medium-sized companies, leaders in various sectors of the industry, as for the study of intensive agricultural systems, testing of crops suitable for processing of food, cosmetics, cosmeceuticals, pharmaceuticals. It aims to promote the exchange of cultivars between the southern part of Italy and African countries.

What do we look for:
Farms with which to experiment new cultivars and/or exchange between the two geographical areas, research institutes, agro-food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical firms,

Implementation of hospitality structures, management, study of integrated tourist packages, entertainment, dining, beauty, wellness, boating

At Pubblimpresa we set ourselves as the sole counselor of small and medium businesses and institutions promoting local tourism industry in its different sectors; we plan integrated tourist packages among some African countries and the south of Italy, implement and manage hotel facilities and services such as entertainment and dining service, wellness and boating.

What do we look for:
Owners of hotels, tour operators, travel agencies, professional training institutions, Caterers, boats manufacturer, beauty centers

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