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Pubblimpresa rationalizes into one company functions related to internationalization and offers a complete and integrated range of services to enterprises .

Consulting and Planning

  • Organizational and management know-how transfer, planning of strategies related to its presence in the international markets;
  • Advice for the entry or consolidation of our customers in the foreign markets, through the identification of business opportunities;
  • Find new customers and identify new suppliers abroad;
  • Manage negotiations and conclude business with foreign customers and suppliers;
  • Coordinate import-export activities to reduce costs;
  • Plan and optimize the activities during the exhibitions and events;
  • Improving the skills of our human resources;

Study and Analysis

  • Mapping and analysis of companies operating in the territory and definition of their needs and requirements through databases acquisition and integration, detection and analysis of official data and indicators, processing parameters and competitive positioning maps, interviews and structured and semi-structured questionnaires, organization and implementation of individual meetings, site inspections and visits at the company's venue;
  • Organization and implementation of a structured training approach, a series of seminars and workshops about areas / countries / specific business opportunities;
  • Analysis of market sectors and countries, and identification of commercial and/or production opportunities in foreign markets.

Development and re-industrialization

  • Business intelligence, networking and relation building for the identification of new potential investment projects, of further embedding in the target area and retention of current activities already at risk of closure or divestiture;

Tenders Office

Considering the importance that tenders and international competitions reserve in the technical assistance projects, we have developed specialized consultancy services to provide dedicated support to our customers through:

  • Monitoring European, international (World Bank, African Ban for the Development ...), national and regional tenders and special programs aimed at the identification of competitions and projects of interest to each client;
  • Identification of potential partners for the establishment of consortium meeting the requirements to participate in the tender;
  • Detailed design of the technical, negotiation and coordination of activities among the members of the consortium;
  • Drafting and delivery of tender documents to the relevant departments;
  • Assistance to the project management and reporting tasks performance, following the award of the tender;

For over 10 years Pubblimpresa collaborates with Italian, Eastern European, African and Mediterranean Public Administrations, to implement studies, analysis and internationalization integrated projects, foreign investment attraction, territorial and international tourism marketing.

The services offered to the public administrations are divided into two main areas:

Territorial marketing and attraction of foreign investments

  • Definition of strategies and implementation of marketing activities aimed at attracting foreign investments, which constitute an important opportunity to promote the growth of the territory, by impressing new competitive stimuli in the local economic background;
  • Identification of opportunities of cooperation, creation and coordination of international partnerships, commercial, institutional, scientific and technological relations between enterprises, R&D centers and public-private partnerships designed to identify, define and implement technology transfer agreements, institutional cooperation, trading, industrial or financial internationalization to have access to international funding;
  • Scouting and research of investment opportunities in the territory throughout enterprises, universities and R&D public and private sectors which include construction, real estate, life sciences, ICT, mechanical engineering; preparation of project and development of business plans related to the identified opportunities and research of potentially interested investors.
  • Retention of foreign investment already implemented in the area through business intelligence, establishment and management of negotiation tables about productive investment, economic cooperation, cooperation for the definition of joint strategies and actions;

Internationalization and territorial animation

  • Preparation and coordination of plans and projects for the development and internationalization of the territory; supply of services to local businesses;
  • Organization and implementation of plans and promotional activities, marketing and communications at national and international territories, economic systems, industrial clusters and districts;
  • Planning and organization of international missions with outgoing-incoming businesses, institutions (both individually and in groups) with participation in trade fairs and/or organization of a one-to-one business meeting with potential counterparts selected in advance;

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